How a bag is made

Follow the process of making a Weekend bag!

It starts with the leather..

1 IMG_6801

Which is then inspected and quality checked. Eventual irregularities are marked so that they can be avoided when cutting.

2 IMG_1387

Nikki is cutting the leather parts, and the suede parts for the interior. Cutting is an art, like all the moments involved. Special made steel cutting shapes are used, like when cutting cookies, but several tonnes of pressure is applied.

3 IMG_6751 4 IMG_6753 5 IMG_6825

All parts of the bag are cut. Here are the smaller parts, like zipper pullers.

6 IMG_6789

One of my favourite moments, the hot-printing of the logo plate! A crisply printed silver logo on smooth leather is beautiful.

7 IMG_6838 comp

Next step is polishing and finishing all the cut leather details. Here Nikki is carefully polishing the part that attaches the handle to the bag. After that, these parts are handpainted on the edges (below).

9 IMG_6788

10 IMG_6922

Meanwhile, another artisan prepared the inner pocket and other details for the inside, and is here attaching the logo plate to the lining, and below hand-stitching on the inner pocket zipper puller.

11 IMG_6795c

13 IMG_6908

The lining is then sewn, like a bag that goes inside the leather body.

12 IMG_6813

The leather parts that was polished above are here sewn onto the front, after the metal rings have been attached.

15 IMG_6816

This man then attaches rivets.

16 IMG_6844

18 IMG_6849

The parts of the bag body is then sewn together. Here the zipper is sewn on. Very high precision is necessary, and it is difficult – the leather and the lining is thick, every stitch must be straight and the same length. These are no ordinary sewing machines, they are more powerful, built for leather work.

19 IMG_6770

The piping, made of thinned strips of leather with a steel core, is sewn on to the edges, before the main body is sewn together.

20 IMG_6871

Inspection and attachment of metal feet under the bag.

21 IMG_6879

A demanding step, hand sewing of the handles.

23 IMG_6941

This is a somewhat shortened version of the process, we did not see the making of the handles for example, but I promised the artisans not to divulge a few of their trade secrets and some special techniques that we have developed for our bags.

Your Hildeståhl bag is truly a piece of excellent craftsmanship. It takes a lot of skill and experience to make leathergoods of this quality. This is slow fashion. You can be proud to carry a bag that was handmade in the way of a long tradition, by proud European craftsmen and craftswomen.

The finished product!

IMG_2973 re




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