Bags in action!

Bags in real life. Use your Hildeståhl bag, every day, it will only get more beautiful. Because vegetable tanned leathers age so well and become more supple with use, this is to show you ”vintage” Hildeståhl bags. Your bag will  become your unique bag, like a pair of high quality selvedge denim jeans. The bags in the webshop are new, like a new pair of jeans, for you to ”wear in”.

Brown Medium from the new collection. A few days old.

IMG_2495softli 900x670

The same Medium, a few weeks old.


Below now close to 18 months old. Used every day, thrown around quite a bit, carried in rain and snow, but not looking worse for wear. The leather becomes polished by use, the bag more supple, for a look that is both bohemian and sharp.

IMG_8190enh1 sharp

Black Medium from earlier collection. Norwegian leather. Used every day for 4 years.




Purple limited edition Medium bag. Swedish leather. Used every day by the designer himself during the warmer seasons for 3 years.

IMG_7117 rs1600x1200

IMG_7178 rs1600x1200

IMG_7188 rs1600x1200

IMG_7081 rs1600x1200 IMG_7115 rs1600x1200

IMG_7139 rs1600x1200

Weekend bag. New prototype. As the connoisseur of fine leathergoods know, when using a bag like this, day by day it becomes more supple and personal. Our leathers are 100% vegetable tanned, which as you probably know, mean beautiful ageing. Vegetable tanned leathers are often more sensitive, but this is not the case for our Weekend and Medium leathers, they are really tough and need almost no maintenance.

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