Opening again

IMG_7456 manpr fixed

Coming soon! A new webshop is about to open (first week of 2015).

Hildeståhl is back with a new minicollection of mens bags. There are only two models, well, I shouldn’t say only, because these are the two ultimate mens bags. The Medium bag, which is designed to be the ultimate man’s bag, stylish enough to go with any outfit and put unsightly nylon bags at utter shame. Then the Weekend – no man should be without a classic weekend bag.

The original idea in 2006 was to create bags for men that can be used the way women use bags. Using natural (chemical free) leathers, employing skilled European artisans, staying independent and small scale was the concept, which still remains true.

The leathers are top notch. The best I can find. What is new is that production has relocated to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In a family operated atelier with 20 artisans, the new version of these two models were made earlier in 2014.

The photo is me carrying the Weekend bag.  / Jens


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